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Wireless Headsets for Surround Sound System With HDMI

We get asked quit often what is the best wireless headset for TV or Surround sound system to buy.

Well this is  not as easy of a question as you would think. Most of the systems now days are all hooked up with HDMI cables which makes the audio signal digital. The TV, or surround sound system converts the digital signal to analog then amplifies the signal to the analog speakers. Most times the TV or amp will not convert the digital audio signal to an analog signal in the output jacks on the back of the TV or the amp.

If you plug in a analog headset into the audio outputs of the TV or surround sound amp it usually will not work.

Wireless Headsets for Surround Sound System With HDMI.So to cover any type of system we suggest you purchase a wireless headset that has analog and digital inputs.
We have one listed here from Amazon. This headset has analog right and left inputs, coaxial input and optic input.

The model is the Pyle 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Tv Headset Headphone System.
But any model that has all 3 types of inputs will work, analog, coaxial and optical inputs.

Expect to pay around $100 for a good wireless headset. Don’t forget the optical or coaxial cable.

Why doesn’t my wireless headset work when i plug it into the audio out on the back of my TV?